Thursday, November 21, 2013

Video Response to Candace Scarborough for 1000 subbies on YT..
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How do I get rid of Buddy host Proxy????  This is driving me crazy!!! I do not see anywhere to opt out of it...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Less-ology  #31   Toy Story  December  2013 Video and pictures.

Pictures of the process..

An old sock monkey, lots of burlap, pine cones, and lots of extras.

I painted the wooden tree green and brown, then glued on burlap trim.
For the drum, I painted the old spool brown and green then
glued on the wide burlap trim.  There is a wooden child's
block that is hidden in the pine cones.. 
Lots of 8" strips of burlap were tied to the coat hanger. 
A few pine cones were glued and glittered. This will
hang on my daughter front door and she is
"anti-bling" I tried make it with more
natural/nature  items.. 

A completed wreath.  With an old sock monkey,  a wooden
spool drum, a wooden tree with burlap trim, and lots of
pine cones. 
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

A "Charming" Paper Bag

LESSology Challenge... #22
(Webster's dictionary,  "Charming" is delightful and pleasing.) 

My goal was to re-use the white paper bag and make it into something  "CHARMING" without spending any money and still create something beautiful.  I only used what I had in my stash...
I wanted to create a scene where we are looking out a window at a little girl playing with her puppy.  I would say this turned out very delightful, pleasing, and charming. 
This project was made from a white paper deli bag.  I used Bo Bunny Paper and Flowers.  Glossy accents to bring out the beads and puppies face and La Peti flowers and ribbon from The Paper Studio..  Old lace from a wedding dress.  A poem about "Friendship" from Henri  Nouwen   .  and a beautiful corsage laced flower from a friend.

This is the front of this re-purposed bag.

  This is the back of the bag.

This is a close up of the front of the bag.

Here is a detailed ..  : D

Charms sewn in with trim.

A flower charm attached to stick pin and a
lock and key charm on the edge of the flap.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mixed Media Challenge #3 at YPP

I had several prints that I thought I would try using Craypas on for the challenge..

This was the first attempt, which was okay..

This was the second attempt.. and I think I like it better.. I'm more about
bright colors.. but I am pleased with both pics..

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hostess Gifts, Inchies, Envelopes, Tickets, and cards

I made some hostess gifts for some swaps I'm in over at Your Paper Pantry.

Mini Journals.

Then I completed 100 Inchies for a swap over at Split Coast Stampers. 

One squared inch of creative art work.

Then I made my mail art..envelopes and tickets for swaps at Your Paper Pantry.

Envelope theme was: The Key to my Heart
The ticket themes were:  St. Patrick's Day,
Easter, and Spring. 

Finally I used my favorite stamp to complete two swaps at Your Paper Pantry.  A mare and here new born is the stamp that touches my heart.  So I used it for the note card swap and for the greeting card swap..  and attached a horse shoe charm. 

Then today I completed two more projects.  A challenge at Your Paper Pantry to used corrugated cardboard.

The background is cardboard and the heart was crimped. 

I took the same idea and created a cute card with a Peachy Keen stamp for one of their challenges. 

This little mouse so loves his cheese. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raisinboat Challenge #7

Raisinboat Challenge #7 

I had a picture in my mind before I even
received my stamps.  So this is
how it all came together. 

The flowers were stamped from Raisinboat
"All in Toile"
Then the rest of the card was stamped from
Raisinboat "Wild about you, Honey!" 

The hearts, bee's wings and flower centers
were glittered with gel.  The color was
added with colored pencils and
markers.  The large bee was popped
up on dots.. This was so much fun!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

My Re-purposed card

Linked to:
 "What are you known for?"
I am best known for re-using, re-purposing
and re-creating things that someone
else might throw away.

 Challenge #21 incorporat a heart.
My Repurposed Card

I started with a card board box and
paper sack.

I died the card board and sack with cool aid.

I used a tissue box for the background paper.

I mounted my pieces on some white cardstock.
Punched heart shaped holes and wove some
pink fiber through them.  I glued the hearts to
some doilies I made and popped them up. Then
 stamped the background with words.. and the heart with, 
"A Love Story".... 

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoy my
Repurposed Card. 

A Painting for Jim P..

This painting is one I created as a thank you to Jim..  He brought back from Japan a news paper.  So I glue the paper to the canvas and painted the Geisha.  "Asian Mystery" is the title. 

Thank You  Jim..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Journal Page for Linda L.

I was too late in joining a swap on Your Paper Pantry.  So Linda asked if I would care to swap a journal page.  and I was thrilled to do so.  The theme was,  "Who Am I"?   

I created two pockets.. one on top and one on the side that held some information about me.  I also had a pocket on the front to hold some tea.  then on the other side.......

I created a silhouette of my face....and added some quotes.. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  Someday I'll send a picture.. but for now Lupus has invaded my face with lessions....and I've been over a year..try different medications ... that have not worked.. but I'm sure some will soon..  

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Busy Making Stick Pins

I've been busy making stick pins.  Last count was around 90 that I have completed.. Here are a few of the swaps that I am in for Stick Pins. 

These stick pins were placed into flowers that I had
made.  and sent in a swap for Your Paper Pantry.

These stick pins were for a swap on Swapbot..

These stick pins were for a swap on 2 Shappy Sisters

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January 2013 Mail Art

For January 2013.  We created winter theme envelopes at Your Paper Pantry.  I have taken this very thick crinkled paper and cut a hole in it after folding it into an envelope.  I tried to make the picture look as those it were a snow globe with pieces falling down...but the pieces kept sticking to the plastic on the globe.  But over all I thought it turned out cute. 

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Repurposed ...Stick pin holder

This was a swap on 2 Shabby Sisters Studio.  We were to take a dollar store candle stick and glue to it some kind of contain.. the decorate in white and blue and create a stick pin holder. 

This picture shows the plactic bowl that I used E6000 to glue to the
Candle stick.  and a completed Stick Pin holder next to it.

In this picture.  you can see inside the bowl area where
 I created a pillow for the stick pins. 

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Lessology Challenge #21 "Hearts"

Lessology Challenge #21.......  "Angel or Fairy repurposed from an old quilt"

I collect old Cutter Quilts.  These are quilts that are totally worn out and can no longer be repaired. 

I've created a new pattern using these quilts and hearts. 
In these pictures I will show you how I will cut out pieces from these old quilts using several hearts and modified hearts to create a new, repurposed item.  We will call it an Angel or Fairy with many purposes.  

This is were I have cut apart the pieces needed for
the  "Angel or Fairy"

On the left it shows the pieces, and on the right
it shows the completed "Angel" ready to be
sent to a new bride..

This pictures shows a "Tooth Fairy" that was completed
from another old quilt.

On the back of this "Fairy" I made a pocket that has a
little poem I made about tooth fairies.. The tooth can
be slipped into a zip lock baggie and ready to
trade the tooth in for some coins..
These are all original works of art by me...
CJ   Plumb 

I do not sell them...

Thank you for visiting.. I hope you enjoy my creation.  Please
leave a comment..   cj